The DriverEntry routine is defined as follows: Every preoperation callback routine is defined as follows: A postoperation callback routine is similar to a completion routine in the legacy filter driver model. Closing the Communication Server Port If the minifilter driver previously opened a kernel-mode communication server port by calling FltCreateCommunicationPort , it must close the port by calling FltCloseCommunicationPort. I don’t know why you used wdreg.

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The DriverEntry routine is called when the minifilter driver is loaded. When that minifilter driver finishes processing sysfem operation, it returns it to the filter manager, which then passes the operation to the next-lowest minifilter driver, and so on. Open the appropriate WDK free or check build environment to set basic environment variables that the build utility needs.

Perform any needed global initialization for the minifilter driver.

minispy Minifilter Sample

The FilterUnloadCallback routine is defined as follows: However, a preoperation callback routine must never fail these operations. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. These values fall into four categories: The first, DriverObject minixpy, is the driver object that was created when the minifilter driver was loaded.

A preoperation callback routine is similar to a dispatch routine in the legacy filter driver model.


This parameter is an optional context pointer that is passed to the corresponding postoperation callback routine. Preoperation callback routines are similar to the dispatch routines that are used in legacy file system filter drivers. Microsoft says that to install it I should right click the. The filter manager passes this structure pointer in the CompletionContext input parameter to the postoperation callback routine.

Windows Driver Development | Windows Driver Samples | Minispy File System Minifilter Driver

This, effectively uses setupapi. Every preoperation callback routine is defined as follows: I started a new empty kernel driver project in VS, and compiled the driver and minifillter signed it.

I can use the wdreg. However, this status value can be returned for other operation types. Minifilter drivers must be prepared to handle this failure.

Anyway, you need to understand that just because you see debug output from DriverEntry doesn’t mean that the filter driver is attached to any volumes. In Windows Explorer, right-click minispy. The second, RegistryPath minkfilter, is a pointer to a counted Unicode string that contains a path to the minifilter driver’s registry key. The second technique is for the minifilter driver’s postoperation callback routine to call FltDoCompletionProcessingWhenSafe.

This routine is called when a driver first loads. Sign up using Facebook. Post as a guest Name. For more information about using cancel-safe queues, see FltCbdqInitialize. After these completion routines have finished, the filter manager performs completion processing for the operation. Thanks for trying Caleb, but that doesn’t help and there’s a lot of code involved in this question.


The minifilter driver’s FilterUnloadCallback routine is not called. The following list includes examples of global cleanup tasks that a minifilter driver might perform:.

Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.0 Samples

minifilteg To prevent the system from hanging during the unload process, the minifilter driver’s FilterUnloadCallback routine must close this port before calling FltUnregisterFilter.

For example the command a for attach, d for detach and l for listing devices volumes. But let’s backtrack a little.

To me, your question appears to be off topic because it relates to installing an existing piece of software and it isn’t about a problem with code that you’re writing; also, the “code” you included appears to be a configuration file.